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Spanish girls are known for their big juicy fat asses. It’s no secret that Latin American girls love scat. Butt sex is natural in Latin America and Brazil. Today we will explore the Latin American scat porn culture.

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The Story Behind Spanish and Brazilian Scat Porn.

Perhaps one of the most popular Scat porn videos ever produced was created in Brazil in 2007. Yup, you guessed it, and everyone has seen it, 2 girls 1 Cup. This video first went viral in 2007 after being posted online as a trailer for the Brazilian fecal-fetish movie, Hungry Bitches. scat porn
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Genesis Angel

Genesis Angel loves getting dirty with scat. The only thing they ever think of is dirty ass fucking and shit sex.

Genesis grew up in a world where the people around them had expectations that ever person must be either a male or a female. Scat sex was unheard of. Genesis broke the barrier to bring scat porn into the mainstream. Genesis loves ever part about scat sex. They don’t eat it, they just like to feel it on them during passionate and erotic ass fucking.